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The JLEX Team

The JLEX team has ample experience in the design and implementation of automated systems. We are committed to provide systems integrated with state of the art technologies that are user and maintenance friendly.

Our Capabilities include:

Computer Controls

We can provide a PC-based control solution for any industrial process. We can implement a solution using any 3rd-party application (Wonderware, Ignition, etc.) or develop custom interface (Labview, VB, C, etc). Our experience with different I/O hardware and communication protocols is unequaled.

Machine and Test Fixture Design

Our staff and partners can design and build automatic and semi-automatic production machinery or test fixtures or upgrade existing machinery.

SCADA and Wireless Systems

We can design and implement Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems either as master/slave or peer to peer with licensed or unlicensed RF frequencies or hard-wired systems. Our SCADA systems are designed around server centric systems that allow many client to be connected and interacting simultaneously with the same dataset.

Database Alarms and Historians

We can implement Alarm and Historian SQL databases that allow access to process information from remote locations. We also develop customized queries to extract information customized to your individual process and reporting scheme.

PLC Controls

Our staff can provide a PLC-based control system for your application. We have extensive experience with PLCs manufactured by Allen Bradley SLC, Allen Bradley PLC5, Koyo, Automation Direct, Modicon, Seimens and other brands.

Panel Building

Our panel shop can provide panel building and panel wiring for any application, small or large. With in-house engineering support, all panels are tested and burned-in to customer requirements.