Project Description

A new set of inline bake ovens were needed for building 507. So we stepped up and took care of the job. With six zones that are all individually controlled and the ovens broken up into two parts we had considerable control. We used a C-More touch panel and software for the interface to help with the oven status.Temperatures

The touch screen reported the status of the oven temperatures and all the burners on the ovens. The oven temperatures are stored locally and also on a historical server.

Oven Controls

This screen was built to show the status of each burner. As the oven goes through the startup process the lights change showing its progress. This screen is very useful when trying to trouble shoot the burners in the event of a failure.

Oven Overrides

When necessary the blower motors can be overridden once you have logged in with a security code. The Security code protects against unwanted tampering.

This oven was installed to run with an overhead conveyor, so the doors are controlled by the conveyor controller. The overhead conveyor needed to communicate with the ovens so that no units were sent into the ovens if operating temperature was not reached. Alarms were also added so that the operators were notified of oven temperatures that were out of tolerance.