Utilities Monitoring System

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JLEX designed and implemented a Utilities Monitoring System for Fresenius Medical in Ogden Utah.  This system monitors and controls the majority of the utilities including Compressed Air, Steam, Purified Water, Generators, Boilers, UPS’s, DI water, RO Water, Chillers and More.  All devices are monitored and controlled on the intranet with a Web based interfaces.  There […]

Electrical Control and Management

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JLEX designed and implemented an interface to the Electrical System at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah

Building 507 Oven Controls

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A new set of inline bake ovens were needed for building 507. So we stepped up and took care of the job. With six zones that are all individually controlled and the ovens broken up into two parts we had considerable control. We used a C-More touch panel and software for the interface to help with the oven status.

HVOF Spray Booth

When Hill Air Force Base came to us asking for a new interface to use with their HVOF spray booth we gave them what they needed. What they needed was a program that could display the temperature of the production part and also tell the robot when it needed to wait before making another pass.

Building 505 Vapor Degreaser System


With the use of a smart hoist system we were able to put together a system that communicates through radio frequency. Each hoist has its own PLC onboard. The hoists are controlled by a touch screen located at the beginning of the line.

Once a hoist has been loaded, a program is selected and the hoist […]

F-15 Jet Fuel Starter Control System

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Using Labview, JLEX was able to assemble a well designed system that allowed the operation of the test cell used for testing the Jet Fuel Starters at Hill Air Force Base.